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Childwise Conscious Parenting Support is a must for all parents (even those that think they have it worked out, sort of, enough).

The value you’ll realise from working with Caitlin Hocken extends well beyond your relationship with your children.


I have gained incredible insights into myself and practical tools that are simple to implement in a busy life - with the kids, but also with family and friends and for myself.

I’m working my way through the Ultimate Parenting Course with materials that are helpful and empowering, but the true value lies in Caitlin’s ability to work with her clients on and around the course.


I walk away from every weekly session elated with confidence, pride, feeling supported and without limitations.
Can’t recommend Caitlin enough.

-Vicky Lord

I was constantly overwhelmed, having only tiny glimpses of parenting joy. 


I would constantly be searching for something more and feel like I could NEVER achieve ANYTHING! I almost begrudged my family and its entrapment. I would get extremely mad and volatile very quickly.


I still get mad, but it doesn’t get to a point of rage and can dissipate now before boiling point.


I feel the joy in family life now and that this in itself presents wonders and opportunity for achievement which I’ve always so desperately craved. But best of all, I feel I’m on the path towards connection with my children, rather than on a path of separation.



Regan: We feel more connected.  We spend more quality time together because of better listening, communication’s better.  For me it’s brought me closer to my kids.


Krystle: Already just the being calm, being aware of the situations and why they might be acting the way they are and talking with each other.

Just those things are huge.

Just to be able to change our whole mindsets on parenting as well.  You don’t know, because you’re never told what to do and just having the tiniest little things like stepping back and not judging situations, listening, letting your child finish even though you really just want to say, “shush”.  The little things like that have just made it so much easier. 


Expressing feelings, realising that it's ok to express feelings and then to see you angry and then explain why.  Those sorts of things we would never have done that before. It’s just huge.  It’s just been so awesome.

-Regan & Krystal George

Adam & Naomi Testimonial:

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