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Caitlin with her two sons

My Story

From Kindergarten Teacher to Stressed Out Mama

From just about as long as I can remember, young children have been my passion. I gained my Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood in 2000. I worked in Early Childhood Centres, Kindergartens and Schools over the next 10 years, in my homeland Australia, on my travels to the UK and finally finding a place to call home with my beloved in beautiful New Zealand.


While I loved my teaching career, there never seemed quite enough time to provide the support and education that I could see so many parents were hungry for. In 2011 I changed tack and became a Parent Educator for the government funded program, Parents as First Teachers. I knew I had found my calling.  During my time in this role I was privileged to attend the life-changing "Dance With me in the Heart" trainings with Pennie Brownlee.  This certainly awakened something deep within me as we explored the culture of respect between infants, their caregivers and our wider society.  I was also lucky enough to attend some training through the Brainwave Trust with Dr Bruce Perry - Internationally renowned American childhood trauma specialist . 


But my most profound training began in 2013 with the birth of my first son. It's a cliche but nothing really can prepare you for the joy, the anguish, the bliss and the turmoil that is parenting. I struggled, even with all the knowledge I had about child development, behaviour, brain science etc etc. And as a sleep deprived, highly sensitive person and big time introvert I sometimes just couldn't face the group setting support that was on offer. In 2017 we were blessed with another beautiful boy and life became even more busy, confusing, frustrating and joyous, sometimes all in the same moment!

By early 2019 my desire to contribute something to the wider world was reawakening.  I started googling potential training/study avenues and discovered the Jai Institute.  Enrolling in their parent coach training course has been one of the best decisions of my life.   Through this training I have learned to feel the frustration and the anger but not explode. To step outside the turmoil and find the peace that lies within. There will always be bumps along the road and times when I lose my way, but with empathy and self-compassion I can always find my way back. And I'd love to show you how.


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